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ISESS – International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems

ISESS – International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems

The International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS) is one of several overlapping forums discussing issues of Environmental Information Systems, Environmental Decision Support Systems, Environmental Software Systems, Environmental Informatics, Eco-Informatics or Enviromatics. 

ISESS brings together researchers dealing with environmental challenges and trying to provide solutions using forward-looking and leading-edge IT technology. The conference glues together researchers and users to overcome a manifold of technology changes and dynamics by using their best knowledge to improve our environment, respectively the wellbeing of our society. 

ISESS was founded 1995, with support from the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group WG 5.11 “Computers and Environment”  and the German Informatics Society Working Group WG 4.6 “Computer Science for Environmental Protection”. 

ISESS, as a working conference, is the most important activity of IFIP WG 5.11 and it is held every odd numbered year. Smaller ISESS workshops are held in even-numbered years in collaboration with other important environmental related conferences and societies like iEMSs, EnviroInfo, MODSIM etc. 

This year’s collaboration with iEMSs is focused on the organisation of the following three sessions reflecting challenging topics in the environmental domain:

  • Session A4: Smart and Mobile Devices Used for Environmental Applications within the stream “Cyberinfrastructure and Cloud Computing for Environmental Modeling” – Organizers: Ralf Denzer and Peter Fitch
  • Session A5: Parallel Simulation of Environmental Phenomena  Organizers: Ralf Denzer and Peter Fitch 
  • Session F5: Advances in Environmental Software Systems  Organizers: Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Robert Argent, Ralf Denzer, Andrea E. Rizzoli, Gerald Schimak, David Swayne, Jiri Hrebicek

For all Session details see the following icon iEMSs2014 – Joint Call for Abstract iEMSs-ISESS.