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Environmental Data Mining Working Group

Environmental Data Mining Working Group

More and more, big quantities of complex data are available on Environmental Systems and constitute a precious source of information to be exploited to better understand those systems. The analysis of environmental data require advanced and sophisticated modelling techniques to extract the proper relevant knowledge contained. The EDMWg aims to become a meeting point of scientists and researchers interested in approaching and to promoting the interaction between the Environmental Sciences community and the Data Mining community and related fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Statistics or other fields to disseminate the correct use of Data Mining techniques in the analysis of real Environmental data. Exchange between the needs from the environmental analysts and the possibilities of most advanced data mining algorithms is intended. This working group has a bianual meeting inside the iEMSs conference, in the DMTES workshop series and associated special session. 

The first activity of the group is to launch the Environmental Data Mining Observatoire, a collaborative project where interested researchers can report a short form on the papers they read in the area and periodical reports will highlight which are the most used data mining techniques for the different environmental problems. Any time you read a paper on environmental data mining, please, feel free to devote few minutes feeling the form and get knowledge about what this community reads 


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