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Complexity and Feedbacks in Socio-Environmental Systems

Complexity and Feedbacks in Socio-Environmental Systems

Overall goals:

  • Initiate and maintain a discussion process about feedbacks in socio-environmental systems
  • Initiate, plan & publish papers

Current objectives: 

  1. Develop a common language and an analytical framework to study feedback mechanisms and their implementation in models / modelling frameworks.
  2. Review and analyse existing approaches, identify state of the art and research needs.
  3. Present (best practice) examples for technical implementation in broadly used simulation methods (ABM, CA, GA, ODE), identify and discuss advantages, shortcomings and research needs.

Publish results of 1 – 3 in various steps (currently 2 papers planned)

Founding members (alphabetical):

  • Dalgaard Tommy (
  • Jakoby Oliver (
  • Lautenbach Sven (
  • Le Bao (
  • Otero Viviana (
  • Priess Jörg (initiator) (
  • Schwarz Nina (
  • Seidl Roman (
  • vanDelden Hedwig (