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New book: Modelling of Pollutants in Complex Environmental Systems


New book: Modelling of Pollutants in Complex Environmental Systems, Volume I, edited by Dr Grady Hanrahan, California Lutheran University, USA.

Environmental modelling has enjoyed a long tradition, but there is a defined need to continually address both the power and the limitations of such models, as well as their quantitative assessment. This book showcases modern environmental modelling methods, the basic theory behind them and their incorporation into complex environmental investigations. It highlights advanced computing technologies and how they have led to unprecedented and adaptive modelling, simulation and decision-support tools to study complex environmental systems, and how they can be applied to current environmental concerns. This volume is essential reading for researchers in academia, industry and government-related bodies who have a vested interest in all aspects of environmental modelling. Volume II will be published at the end of 2009.

More information about the book can be found here.