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SESYNC Webinar ‘Modeling Behavioral Change in Socio-Environmental Systems’ June 20, 2022


Expanding the development and use of socio-environmental system (SES) models is critical to solving urgent problems situated at the human-nature interface. Substantial progress is being made, but modeling challenges associated with a range of diverse issues remain. This is the fifth in a series of webcasts based on the 2020 article “Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modelling” by Sondoss Elsawah and colleagues.

This webcast and panel discussion event is focused on the critical challenge of incorporating the human dimension in SES modeling. The webcast will present the state of the art in modeling behavioral change, fundamental scientific challenges, and promising research directions. The event is intended for practitioners and scholars who commission, sponsor, or use SES models. It will begin with a pre-recorded presentation by Dr. Jonathan Gilligan, followed by a short talk from each panelist reflecting on the specific challenges and solutions for incorporating human dimension using case studies from their experience. Then an open discussion will follow. Viewers may post questions and comments.

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