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Hydrological Observatory of Athens

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I wish to announce the launch of our new, enhanced website of the Hydrological Observatory of Athens (

The Observatory, aims at freely releasing hydro-meteorological data (incl. rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, evaporation, air pressure, solar radiation, sunshine duration, wind direction and velocity) and hydrometric data, from the monitoring network of NTUA’s Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources, which is operational since 2005. The network covers the Greater Athens Area but also includes standalone stations in selected locations across Greece, in partnership with local municipalities and research centres.

It is an evolution and consolidation of our earlier networks and databases, into a single system, which will gradually incorporate further stations and hydrological measurements as well as new services. From the Observatory site hydro-meteorological and hydrometric stations can be located, historic time series downloaded and specialist services accessed.

I hope you will find it useful for research, educational and teaching purposes. We are certainly committed in using the Observatory to pilot new monitoring technologies, new interoperability standards (incl. OpenMI) and provide a basis for case studies and demonstrations.

Best Regards,


Professor NTUA