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New Open Access option on Environmental Modelling & Software

Dear all,

as editors of the journal  Environmental Modelling & Software we have just received this letter from Elsevier which informs us on the possibility to publish Open Access papers on EMS and communicates a reduction on the price to be paid by authors to take this option. Moreover, Open Access papers will be published according to a Creative Commons license of the author’s choice. Click on the “read more” link to discover the full details.


Dear editors,

I am writing to advise you about some developments which Elsevier is implementing in regard to our Open Access programme.  As you already know Environmental Modelling and Software offers a hybrid option for authors, whereby they may choose to pay a publication fee of $3000 following acceptance and their paper will then be made openly available.

From 1 April 2013  we are revising the price that authors have to pay for their article to be made openly available. For Environmental Modelling and Software, the new price will be US$2,500. 

In addition, if an Author chooses the Open Access option, their article will be published under provisions of the Creative Commons license.  What this means is that the Author will retain the copyright of their article and will select a certain license under which readers may use the content of their paper. 

Elsevier has decided to offer Authors the choice of three Creative Commons licenses, which are detailed below.  The default option will be the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licence.  For more information  about the CreativeCommons licenses, please go to

[ … ] 

There will be a slight change for Authors.  From 1 April 2013 when an author submits their manuscript using EES they will be asked to select whether they wish their article to be made open access upon publication (in which case an Article Processing Fee will be payable).  As an Editor, you will always be able to see which choice an Author has made, although reviewers will not be made so aware.  There will also be a slight change to the invitation letter which is sent out to the Reviewer with the addition of the following sentence:  “In addition to accessing our subscriber content, you can also use our Open Access content.  Read more about Open Access here:”  

 [ … ]

For more information about our Open Access developments, please go to: .