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New Board and Office elected

The Biennial General Meeting of the iEMSs was held on the 3rd of July 2012 and it has elected the following new Office which will be in charge for the next biennium:

  • Andrea E. Rizzoli (Switzerland)  – president
  • Ioannis N. Athanasiadis (Greece) – treasurer
  • Ari Jolma (Finland) – secretary

with the Vice Presidents

  • Rob Argent (Australia)
  • James C. Ascough (USA)
  • Ralf Seppelt (Germany)
  • Alexey Voinov (Netherlands)

The above Office has been elected out of Board members which were previously elected by means of electronic voting, which took place in the week before the iEMSs 2012 conference. After the jump you can find the full list of Board members:


  • Alexandrov, Georgii
  • Ames, Dan 
  • Argent, Rob
  • Ascough, Jim
  • Athanasiadis, Ioannis
  • Barreteau, Olivier
  • Borsuk, Mark
  • Bousquet, François
  • Bryan, Brett
  • Comas, Quim
  • Cuddy, Susan
  • Eretchoukova, Marina
  • Filatova, Tatiana
  • Guariso, Giorgio
  • Hartmann, Holly
  • Hrebicek, Jiri
  • Jakeman, Tony
  • Jolma, Ari
  • Karatzas, Kostas
  • McIntosh, Brian
  • Quinn, Nigel
  • Reis, Stefan
  • Rizzoli, Andrea
  • Sànchez-i-Marrè, Miquel
  • Schaldach, Rüdiger
  • Schimak, Gerald
  • Seppelt, Ralf
  • Sojda, Richard
  • Swayne, Dave
  • van Griensven, Ann
  • Voigt, Kristina
  • Voinov, Alexey