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A discussion on iEMSs conferences in 2008, and before … and after

Dear iEMSs members,

In our on-going efforts to improve the quality of the iEMSs conferences, we would like to hear some comments and suggestion from participants of all our past meetings. What was good, what should be done again, what needs improvement? Any ideas on how to make the sessions and workshops even better? Are you happy with the conference format? Do you want more plenaries, or more discussion, or more talks? Do you think we make the right awards? How can we improve the quality of presentations?

We’d like to learn whatever your impressions are.

Your opinion is important and essential. To contribute to this discussion, please log in as member. Then, click on the “iEMSs 2008 discussion blog” link. Click on “Read more” to access all comments and to post your buy viagra italia opinion.