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List of EMS Position Papers

EMS Position Papers

The aim of Position Papers is to represent a view of a specific topic and issue, which is supported and shared by the Editorial Board of the Environmental Modelling & Software journal. Yet, the Position Papers shall not be just academic exercises: on the contrary, they must be a source of useful information, building on and synthesising our knowledge, and contributing to the delivery of good practices in the difficult tasks of modelling, understanding, predicting and managing environmental systems and developing associated software applications.

Here you can find links to all published Position Papers, from the most recent to the first ones.

  1. Evolutionary algorithms and other metaheuristics in water resources: Current status, research challenges and future directions, Environmental Modelling and Software, 62, 2014, 271-299. 
    Maier H.R., Kapelan Z., Kasprzyk J., Kollat J., Matott L.S., Cunha M.C., Dandy G.C., Gibbs M.S., Keedwell E., Marchi A., Ostfeld A., Savic D., Solomatine D.P., Vrugt J.A., Zecchin A.C., Minsker B.S., Barbour E.J., Kuczera G., Pasha F., Castelletti A., Giuliani M. and Reed P.M
  2. Selecting among five common modelling approaches for integrated environmental assessment and management.  
    Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 47, September 2013, Pages 159-181. 
    Rebecca A. Kelly (Letcher), Anthony J. Jakeman, Olivier Barreteau, Mark E. Borsuk, Sondoss ElSawah, Serena H. Hamilton, Hans Jørgen Henriksen, Sakari Kuikka, Holger R. Maier, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Hedwig van Delden, Alexey A. Voinov
  3. Characterising performance of environmental models 
    Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 40February 2013Pages 1-20
    Neil D. Bennett, Barry F.W. Croke, Giorgio Guariso, Joseph H.A. Guillaume, Serena H. Hamilton, Anthony J. Jakeman, Stefano Marsili-Libelli, Lachlan T.H. Newham, John P. Norton, Charles Perrin, Suzanne A. Pierce, Barbara Robson, Ralf Seppelt, Alexey A. Voinov, Brian D. Fath, Vazken Andreassian
  4. Integrated environmental modeling: A vision and roadmap for the future Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 39January 2013Pages 3-23 Gerard F. Laniak, Gabriel Olchin, Jonathan Goodall, Alexey Voinov, Mary Hill, Pierre Glynn, Gene Whelan, Gary Geller, Nigel Quinn, Michiel Blind, Scott Peckham, Sim Reaney, Noha Gaber, Robert Kennedy, Andrew Hughes
  5. The role of expert opinion in environmental modelling and management Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 36, October 2012, Pages 4-18 Tobias Krueger, Trevor Page, Klaus Hubacek, Laurence Smith, Kevin Hiscock
  6. Environmental decision support systems (EDSS) development – Challenges and best practices  
    Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 26, Issue 12December 2011Pages 1389-1402 
    B.S. McIntosh, J.C. Ascough II, M. Twery, J. Chew, A. Elmahdi, D. Haase, J.J. Harou, D. Hepting, S. Cuddy, A.J. Jakeman, S. Chen, A. Kassahun, S. Lautenbach, K. Matthews, W. Merritt, N.W.T. Quinn, I. Rodriguez-Roda, S. Sieber, M. Stavenga, A. Sulis, et al.
  7. A general framework for Dynamic Emulation Modelling in environmental problems 
    Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 34June 2012Pages 5-18
    A. Castelletti, S. Galelli, M. Ratto, R. Soncini-Sessa, P.C. Young
  8. Neural networks for the prediction and forecasting of water resources variables: a review of modelling issues and applications 
    Environmental Modelling & Software, Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2000, Pages 101-124
    Holger R. Maier, Graeme C. Dandy
  9. Modelling with stakeholders 
    Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 25, Issue 11November 2010Pages 1268-1281 
    Alexey Voinov, Francois Bousquet
  10. Ten iterative steps in development and evaluation of environmental models Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 21, Issue 5May 2006Pages 602-614 
    A.J. Jakeman, R.A. Letcher, J.P. Norton
  11. The Position Papers of EMS 
    Environmental Modelling & SoftwareVolume 21, Issue 5May 2006Page 601 Giorgio Guariso, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli