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iEMSs Awards Nominations 2024

The Awards Committee invites nominations for the 2024 Biennial Medallist and Early Career Excellence awards to be submitted via the online form until April 20, 2024. Please note that you must hold an active membership, which means you have an activated member account on the website following the instructions distributed previously by email. If you encounter any issues, please contact

You will not be able to access the nomination forms without an active membership!

Please note: Self-nominations are not accepted. Any active member of the Society may be nominated for a Biennial Medal or ECRE award. There must be a proposer and seconder who are both active members of the Society.

Please read the nomination form carefully and provide succinct information for the Awards Committee to assess.

Awards nomination form

Criteria for the awards

We will formally present these and the Fellow awards nominated in 2023 at the conference dinner at iEMSs 2024 in East Lansing, Michigan June 23-27 and will announce them on the iEMSs website.

On behalf of the iEMSs Office & Awards Committee,

Tony Jakeman