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iEMSs 2012 Student Presentation Awards

It is now a tradition that students attending a iEMSs conference can ask to participate to the Best Presentation award. The prize is given after a thorough examination led by a specific Committee (special thanks to Susan Cuddy for having led the works of this devoted group of people). This year, at iEMSs 2012, the following young researchers were awarded:

  1. Niklaus Lehmann (ETH Zürich), for the presentation of the paper “Adapting towards climate change: A whole-farm approach” co-authored with Robert Finger
  2. Gunnar Dressler (UFZ Leipzig) for the paper ” Mobility – a panacea for pastoralism? An ecological-economic model- ling approach” co-authored with Birgit Müller and Karin Frank
  3. Joseph Kasprzyk (Penn State, USA) for the paper “Many-Objective Robust Decision Making for Water Supply Portfolio Planning Under Deep Uncertainty” co-authored with Shanthi Nataraj, Patrick Reed, and Robert Lempert