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From the President: the road from Ottawa to Leipzig

Dear IEMSS members,

It was great to see most of you once again in Ottawa. Sorry some of you did not make it. We are now looking forward to our next conference in Leipzig, July 2–7, 2012.

There are several things in order.

1. You will need to update your status with the society. To do that you need to go to the society web site at and login with your username and password. Most likely you will be told that your membership has expired. Click the “renew” button.

If you were at the IEMSS’10 conference choose the “free iEMSs 2010 membership” button.

If you did not make it to the conference, you will need to renew your membership going directly to:

2. Like after Barcelona we are collecting your reflections and opinions about our latest conference in Ottawa. Since the blog on our iemss web site does not seem to perform securely, we are using the “posterous” functionality to collect your opinions.
Please go to
to share your impressions about the conference. You can also do it by simply sending an e-mail to

Looking forward to hear what you liked at the conference and what could be made better.

If you have any suggestions about the Web Conference Management Tool (WCMT) that we use, please go directly to
and then go to Support -> Tracker and choose Bugs or Feature Requests.

All this should very helpful for planning and running our next conference in Leipzig.

3. There is a couple of new IEMSS threads announced:

If you would like to suggest any other threads to keep in touch with your colleagues in between the conferences, please send an e-mail to

4. There are several position papers and Thematic Issues of EMS in the planning as a result of the Ottawa meeting. Please watch our web site for more news and see if you wish to contribute.

5. IEMSS students are starting a student network. If you are a student please get in touch with Francesco <> or Anna <>.

6. Documents from the Ottawa meeting (BGM minutes, student network ideas, etc.) are now available for the Society members. Login and go to Documents. We do have a full Board at the moment: all the Board members who happened to be absent in Ottawa have updated their status with the society and are eager to serve for the next term.

Best wishes and, as always, please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Society.