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iEMSs 2022 Awards presented

The iEMSs Board has confirmed the 2022 awards proposed by the Awards Committee and we used the opportunity of the iEMSs Biennial Conference in Brussels to announce and celebrate outstanding contributions to the Society in the following categories:

Biennial Medals

  • Tatjana Filatova
  • Marcus Janssen
  • Giorgio Mannina


  • Ann van Griensven
  • Serena Hamilton
  • Peter Khaiter
  • Jiri Nossent
  • Willem Vervoort

Early Career Research Excellence Prizes (ECREs)

  • Takuya Iwanaga
  • Firouzeh Taghikhah
  • Wenyan Wu

iEMSs Website and mailing lists have moved!

The iEMSs website has migrated to a new hosting provider and we have set up updated mailing lists as well. Please reconfirm your willingness to receive electronic communications from iEMSs to be fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy legislation which has come into force in recent years. Everyone eligible for a complementary iEMSs membership (i.e. participants of iEMSs 2018, 2020 and the Regional Conference 2019), as well as individually purchased memberships, have been notified by email recently and invited to reconfirm their membership. This is a necessary step and if you have not received an email, but believe you would be eligible for a complementary membership, please contact as soon as possible.


The iEMSs Office (2022-2024)


Stefan Reis, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, United Kingdom


Takuya Iwanaga, Australia National University, Australia


Ioannis Athanasiadis, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Vice -presidents

  • Marina Erechtchoukova, York University, Canada
  • Min Chen, Nanjing Normal University, China
  • Nigel W.T. Quinn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States
  • Andrea Rizzoli, IDSIA USI-SUPSI, Switzerland


Carlo Lepori, IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland
Andrea-Emilio Rizzoli
, IDSIA USI/SUPSI, Switzerland

The iEMSs Board and the iEMSs Office are in charge for 2 years, new elections will be held in 2024, before the iEMSs 2024 biennial meeting.


2016-2020 Dan Ames, Brigham Young University, United States

2012-2016: Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, IDSIA, Switzerland

2008-2012: Alexey Voinov, ITC, U Twente, The Netherlands

2004-2008: Giorgio Guariso, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, EU

2000-2004: Anthony J. Jakeman, Australian National University, Australia.


The iEMSs Board of Directors (2022-2024)

In addition to the Office members, the following iEMSs members compose the Board of Directors:

  • Alexandrov, Georgii
  • Ames, Daniel
  • Cuddy, Susan
  • Jakeman, Anthony
  • Jian, Jiping
  • Khaiter, Peter
  • Knightes, Christopher
  • Kolagani, Nagesh
  • Liu, Junzhi
  • Mannina, Giorgio
  • Nejadhashemi, Pouyan
  • Qin, Chengzhi
  • Razavi, Saman
  • Samadi, Vidya
  • Snow, Val
  • Vervoort, Willem
  • Voinov, Alexey
  • Wang, Dali
  • Wu, Wenyan
  • Zhang, Fengyuan
  • Zhang, Ke

The iEMSs Board  are in charge for 2 years, new elections will be held in 2024, prior to the Biennial Meeting.

Environmental Modelling & Software – New Impact Factor

According to the latest Clarivate report, our journal Environmental Modelling & Software (ENSO) has achieved another increase in its impact factor, up to 5.471 in 2021 (from 5.288 in 2020). In addition, the SCOPUS/Elsevier-associated CiteScore for 2021 is 9.5 (up from 9.4 in 2020). This ongoing success would not be possible without all editors, reviewers and of course all iEMSs members and friends submitting state-of-the-art manuscripts and supporting the review process.

Results of the 2022 Elections

The elections committee, consisting of Peter Khaiter (Chair), Sue Cuddy, Georgii Alexandrov and Min Chan, has reported the outcomes of the 2022 elections to the Biennial General Meeting on 23 June. BGM participants have ratified the results, as follows:

New Office:

President: Stefan Reis
Secretary: Takuya Iwanaga
Treasurer: Ioannis Athanasiadis
Vice-Presidents (4): Marina Erechtchoukova, Min Chen, Nigel Quinn, Andrea Rizzoli

New Board (21):

Georgii Alexandrov, Daniel P. Ames, Susan Cuddy, Anthony Jakeman, Jiping Jiang, Peter Khaiter, Christopher Knightes, Nagesh Kolagani, Junzhi Liu, Giorgio Mannina, Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Chengzhi Qing, Saman Razavi, Vidya Samadi, Val Snow, Willem Vervoort, Alexey A. Voinov, Dali Wang, Wenyan Wu, Fengyuan Zhang, Ke Zhang

A first meeting of the new Board and Office will be scheduled for late July/early August to establish the priorities, committees and working topics for the coming two years. On behalf of the Society, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to any Office or Board members completing their terms this year and cordially welcome all new Board members and officers into their roles.

SESYNC Webinar ‘Modeling Behavioral Change in Socio-Environmental Systems’ June 20, 2022


Expanding the development and use of socio-environmental system (SES) models is critical to solving urgent problems situated at the human-nature interface. Substantial progress is being made, but modeling challenges associated with a range of diverse issues remain. This is the fifth in a series of webcasts based on the 2020 article “Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modelling” by Sondoss Elsawah and colleagues.

This webcast and panel discussion event is focused on the critical challenge of incorporating the human dimension in SES modeling. The webcast will present the state of the art in modeling behavioral change, fundamental scientific challenges, and promising research directions. The event is intended for practitioners and scholars who commission, sponsor, or use SES models. It will begin with a pre-recorded presentation by Dr. Jonathan Gilligan, followed by a short talk from each panelist reflecting on the specific challenges and solutions for incorporating human dimension using case studies from their experience. Then an open discussion will follow. Viewers may post questions and comments.

Find more information on the SESYNC website here:

iEMSs Statement on the war in Ukraine

The International Environmental Modelling & Software Society, on behalf of its members, strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine and expresses its support for our Ukrainian colleagues. This violent invasion of a sovereign country is an attack on the fundamental values of democracy and freedom, on which academic freedom and academic cooperation are based. We stand in solidarity with everyone who opposes war and armed conflict, anywhere, at any time. In particular, we stand with those bravely defending their homes and families in Ukraine, and those who defy the Russian government’s bans, protesting and openly opposing the war.

Stefan Reis, President iEMSs

Happy New Year!

Dear iEMSs Members & Friends,

On behalf of the Office and Board, I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and sincerely hope that we will be able to meet and collaborate again in person soon. We continue to plan for our next biennial meeting in July, kindly organised by our colleagues in Brussels, and are in early-stage planning of our next event in 2024, please stay tuned and join us in Brussels to learn more about where and when this is going to take place. We have a packed agenda for 2022 in redeveloping and expanding the iEMSs website, organising further webinars and you will all receive quarterly updates in Newsletters, managed by our newly established Outreach Committee chaired by Chris Knightes. Furthermore, we are intending to establish a committees focusing on expanding our activities with and for early-career researchers (ECR’s) and reviewing and improving our society with regard to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity. Last, but not least, we will have our next Biennial General Meeting (tentatively planned for June, ahead of our Brussels event, and held virtually to enable broad participation with elections to the Board and Office, as our Bylaws require.

Counting on your support and looking forward to many interactions during the year, and see you all in Brussels!